The Associations

Judson, Stewart, & Truett Baptist Associations

We exist to facilitate cooperation among local churches for the furtherance of the gospel

Judson Baptist Association was organized in 1849. We have 13 churches and missions located in Dickson Co. (TN), Humphrey Co. (TN), Hickman Co. (TN) and Williamson Co (TN).

Stewart Baptist Association was organized in 1901, being a continuation of the Dover Furnace Baptist Association (1890-1900). We have 24 churches and missions located in Stewart Co. (TN),  Houston Co. (TN), Montgomery Co. (TN), Benton Co. (TN) and one church in Trigg Co. (KY).

Truett Baptist Association was organized in 1950. We have 13 churches and missions located in Dickson Co. (TN) and Humphrey Co. (TN).

Associational VBS Order Dates

Order your church's VBS material through the Association!  15% of each order placed through the Association comes back to the Association!

All orders taken during an ordering period are turned in to LifeWay together.  Your church will be notified as soon as orders are completed.

Order Period:  April 10th thru 24th